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Dignity in immigration?

"When we discuss this debate, it must be done in a civil way," Bush said during a meeting with groups pushing for changes to immigration laws. "It must be done in a way that brings dignity to the process. It must be done in a way that doesn't pit people against another."

Bush wants Congress to create a worker program under which participants could gain legal status for a specific time and then be required to return home. It would not provide an automatic path to citizenship.

"Our government must enforce our borders," Bush said. "We've got plans in place to do so. But part of enforcing our borders is to have a guest worker program that encourages people to register their presence so that we know who they are and says to them, 'If you are doing a job that Americans won't do, you're welcome here for a period of time to do that job.' " 

- from cnn politics website today

Why does this country view others as less than them. I have no problem with American pride, but give other citizens of other nations the same respect.
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